Random musings of a harmless madwoman.


So I received a lot of messages today.  The first came early this morning telling me I need another new windshield – the second in less than a year.  As I drove with the windows down in 45 degrees to keep the inside and outside temperatures equalized and as I crawled over speed bumps, the crack just laughed at me as it crept further along, beyond the point of repair, directly to replace.

The other messages were more spiritual in nature and won’t cost me a deductible.

There was one during prayer and meditation.  I thought I heard God say, “I won’t let that happen to you,” when I was wondering about a particularly dismal ‘what if’.

Others came from blog reading I needed to catch up on.

Danielle LaPorte did a video interview and she said something to the effect of, “The universe wants you to succeed.”  It was a great reminder.  For the most part, I don’t believe we’re born into this world to fail.

Another message came from that same interview and it was about asking for miracles. Sometimes we forget about the ask unless it’s about a life and death situation.  Miracles happen every day and they don’t always involve someone suddenly waking from a decade-long coma.  There’s no harm in asking.

Another was really timely.  A link to a blog I’d never heard of before but the title caught my attention.  Why I Wrote the Check talked about the spirituality aspect of money.  How the flow of money is similar to the flow of energy and how there is a connection there to Spirit.  Really fascinating viewpoint of how spending money on what you believe in and paying an amount that correlates to what you really value something to be worth generates energy and flow, action and results.

I have money issues and this was enlightening.  It conveyed reminders of value, self-worth, the value of my talents.  A needed confidence boost as I’m facing an uncertain job situation.

Today, I found myself really needing to turn inward and have some concentrated quiet time to talk and listen to God.  Very little tv, hardly any radio in the car.  I needed to quiet the chatter of fear and doubt in my head.

“God’s got this, ” went through my head.

Being overwhelmed by all the negative fall-out of potential what-ifs, I’m all too willing to let him take it too.


Comments on: "Messages" (4)

  1. bitchingandmoaning said:

    I’m so glad that you are able to open your heart to hear the messages that God has for you! I will take a lesson and try to do the same instead of filling in the blanks for God! LOL

  2. I am thrilled that my article “Why I Wrote the Check” impacted you the way it did. I LOVE when the right message crosses our path at the right moment. Thank you for sharing it here as well. Hugs, Cinda

    • Hi Cinda! I’m so honored you took the time to read my post and make a comment! Truly, I hope my readers take the time to check out your post. It resonated on SO MANY levels! Beautiful post. Looking forward to reading more on your site. Hugs back! Peggy/Martipants

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